About Us


The Moving Specialists

Who enjoys moving house and all of the phone calls you have to make when connecting your utilities? No one!

That is why Move In Connect make moving house as stress free and simple as possible. Our free, no obligation service has proved to take the headache out of moving house.

Who are we?

We are a team of individuals with a passion for making our customers happy and stress free whilst moving house. Since 2011 we have assisted thousands of customers in connecting their utilities to ensure the easiest transition possible.

Our 5 star customer service team are based on 123 York Street, South Melbourne and are always happy to save you time, money and effort.


How does it work?

Any essential home service you can think of, we have it covered, electricity, water, telephone, internet, gas and pay TV. We also offer insurance, removals, planning and cleaning services. Give us a call or leave your number and one of our team will contact you and get all of the hard work out of the way at not cost to you.