What do we do differently at MoveInConnect?

MoveInConnect helps people connect their utilities when they move everyday. Our satisfaction comes from giving you a choice of Australia’s best electricity, gas, phone and internet, removalist and other utility suppliers, meaning you have power on from the minute you step into your new home.
We all need power. It’s vital to have your utilities connected from the first day you move, and we take that seriously. Our quality Australian providers are the experts when it comes to getting the utilities connected into Aussie homes, without any fuss or delay.

Our MoveInConnect guarantee

We guarantee that if your power is not connected by the agreed date MoveInConnect will find suitable accommodation and cover reasonable out-of-pocket expenses providing MoveInConnect’s was at fault. Where a supplier is at fault, MoveInConnect will work with you to obtain compensation.

How much notice is needed?

Ideally, give your utilities suppliers plenty notice to connect the power, gas, phone and internet and other utilities at your home. However, in most cases you can get your power on without additional charges by submitting your request to MoveInConnect before 11 a.m. on the business day before moving. If require urgent next day connection - please call 1300 554 323.
Utility connections to new homes can take up to 20 business days for connection so check with your builder that your electricity meter is installed or will be installed by the time you move in.

How to connect electricity to your new home?

You could spend valuable time finding a quality provider, making phone calls, waiting in phone queues, or MoveInConnect can do the hard work for you out by connecting your power for you. We’re free, we have a great choice of providers and we can arrange other essential services for you at the same time.

All it takes is 3 simple steps.

1. Enter your postcode into our online moving home tool to start.
2. Choose the supplier and plan you like for the services you'd like us to connect.
3. Provide us your details and we arrange the connection for you.

How does it work?

Initially we discuss when you need your electricity connected. Connections generally occur on a week day as electricity distribution companies responsible for turning on the power often charge additional fees on weekends.
Next we check we have all the necessary details to arrange a hassle-free connection at your new home such as your street address, and where your electricity meter is located. Sometimes we need to ask for your NMI, a unique number usually written on the electricity meter at your new home.