Connecting water to your new home

Water is also very important when moving into a new property. We will ensure that this is all connected and in order for the date you move in.

When you are moving house you will waste valuable time finding new providers, organising removals, cleaners and holding up in long telephone queues. We understand how frustrating and stressful this can be which is why we will do all the hard work for you, for free!

We have an incredible selection of water providers and we will also arrange any other fundamental services required when moving house at the same time.

n order to move house stress free all you have to do is

  • Insert your postcode on our online tool
  • Select your plan from our list, including all services you would like us to connect
  • Provide all details required
  • Move house, Headache Free!

It is important we have all the correct details to arrange the connection in your new property which include your street address, where the meter is located, NMI number and move in date. When these details are finalised we will arrange the connection with your chosen provider at no cost to you at all. Sounds good right?

Happy house move!

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